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GET /api/v1/history?symbol=SNAP&api_token=demo
"name": "SNAP",
"history": [
  "2019-12-11": {
      "open": "14.01",
      "close": "14.23",
      "high": "14.25",
      "low": "13.96",
      "volume": "11546630"
  "2019-12-10": {
      "open": "14.23",
      "close": "14.09",
      "high": "14.33",


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We provide near real time stock & index and forex data via our simple API endpoints. Return up to 500 stocks per request!


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We provide RESTful API endpoints which return market data in near real time or historical end of day data. These can be used to gain access to finanical data for your own applications or projects.

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We provide free access for you to use and test our API. Our API provides the easiest and most comprehensive access to any stock data. We think you will find great benefit in the ease of implementing stock data in any of your applications.

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