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Ticker Name Stock Exchange Currency Price
^E3X2720 FTSE EFST300 General Industrials INDEXFTSE 2371.06
^E3X2730 FTSE EFST300 Electronic&Electrical Equip INDEXFTSE 3501.12
^E3X2750 FTSE EFST300 Industrial Engineering INDEXFTSE 2990.39
^E3X2770 FTSE EFST300 Industrial Transportation INDEXFTSE 1272.50
^E3X2790 FTSE EFST300 Support Services INDEXFTSE 984.30
^E3X3000 FTSE EFST300 Consumer Goods INDEXFTSE 3763.94
^E3X3350 FTSE EFST300 Automobiles & Parts INDEXFTSE 1466.79
^E3X3530 FTSE EFST300 Beverages INDEXFTSE 4548.68
^E3X3570 FTSE EFST300 Food Producers INDEXFTSE 3671.96
^E3X3720 FTSE EFST300 Household Goods INDEXFTSE 3647.22
^E3X3760 FTSE EFST300 Personal Goods INDEXFTSE 6457.91
^E3X3780 FTSE EFST300 Tobacco INDEXFTSE 6107.86
^E3X4000 FTSE EFST300 Health Care INDEXFTSE 2714.62
^E3X4530 FTSE EFST300 Health Care Equip.&Services INDEXFTSE 5665.91
^E3X4570 FTSE EFST300 Pharmaceuticals & Biotech. INDEXFTSE 2081.02
^E3X5000 FTSE EFST300 Consumer Services INDEXFTSE 1231.33
^E3X5330 FTSE EFST300 Food & Drug Retailers INDEXFTSE 597.09
^E3X5370 FTSE EFST300 General Retailers INDEXFTSE 1653.53
^E3X5550 FTSE EFST300 Media INDEXFTSE 1086.85
^E3X5750 FTSE EFST300 Travel & Leisure INDEXFTSE 2527.83
^E3X6000 FTSE EFST300 Telecommunications INDEXFTSE 631.30
^E3X6530 FTSE EFST300 Fixed Line Telecommunic. INDEXFTSE 386.22
^E3X6570 FTSE EFST300 Mobile Telecommunications INDEXFTSE 983.87
^E3X7000 FTSE EFST300 Utilities INDEXFTSE 1695.35
^E3X7530 FTSE EFST300 Electricity INDEXFTSE 1673.04
^E3X7570 FTSE EFST300 Gas Water & Multiutilities INDEXFTSE 1252.72
^E3X8000 FTSE EFST300 Financials INDEXFTSE 669.87
^E3X8350 FTSE EFST300 Banks INDEXFTSE 343.46
^E3X8530 FTSE EFST300 Nonlife Insurance INDEXFTSE 1003.29
^E3X8570 FTSE EFST300 Life Insurance/Assurance INDEXFTSE 419.29
^E3X8630 FTSEurofirst 300 Real Estate Investment & Services Index INDEXFTSE 1153.63
^E3X8670 FTSE EuroFirst 300 Real Estate Investment INDEXFTSE 886.23
^E3X8770 FTSE EFST300 General Financial INDEXFTSE 1559.51
^E3X9000 FTSE EFST300 Technology INDEXFTSE 951.12
^E3X9530 FTSE EFST300 Software&Computer Services INDEXFTSE 1097.18
^E3X9570 FTSE EFST300 Technology Hardware&Equip. INDEXFTSE 849.39
^E4500 FTSE EuroFirst Health Care INDEXFTSE 673.46
^E5300 FTSE EuroFirst Retail INDEXFTSE 357.85
^E5500 FTSE EuroFirst Media INDEXFTSE 442.37
^E5700 FTSE EuroFirst Travel & Leisure INDEXFTSE 698.73
^E6500 FTSE EuroFirst Telecommunications INDEXFTSE 247.34
^E7500 FTSE EuroFirst Utilities INDEXFTSE 384.63
^E8300 FTSE EuroFirst Banks INDEXFTSE 117.17
^E8500 FTSE EuroFirst Insurance INDEXFTSE 450.44
^E8600 FTSE EuroFirst Supersector Real Estate Ind INDEXFTSE 480.29
^E8700 FTSE EuroFirst Financial Services INDEXFTSE 652.90
^E9500 FTSE EuroFirst Technology INDEXFTSE 472.06
^EB0500 FTSE EuroFirst Euro Oil & Gas INDEXFTSE 293.45
^EB1300 FTSE EuroFirst Euro Chemicals INDEXFTSE 962.27
^EB1700 FTSE EuroFirst Euro Basic Resources INDEXFTSE 188.42
Page 1234 of 1247 | Total results: 62303

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