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Ticker Name Stock Exchange Currency Price
^AD02 FTSE Developed Ex US INDEXFTSE 265.46
^AD03 FTSE Developed Ex North America INDEXFTSE 255.31
^AD04 FTSE Developed Ex UK INDEXFTSE 358.40
^AD05 FTSE Developed Ex Japan INDEXFTSE 363.25
^AD06 FTSE Developed Europe INDEXFTSE 244.82
^AD07 FTSE Developed Europe Ex UK INDEXFTSE 266.22
^AD09 FTSE Developed All Cap ex USA Index INDEXFTSE 453.57
^AD13 FTSE Developed Europe All Cap Index INDEXFTSE 424.32
^AD17 FTSE Developed All Cap Index INDEXFTSE 444.09
^AD20 FTSE Developed Europe All Cap ex UNITED KINGDOM Index INDEXFTSE 482.36
^AE01 FTSE Secondary Emerging Index INDEXFTSE 696.44
^AEX AEX index INDEXEURO 576.83
^AG01 FTSE All-Emerging INDEXFTSE 516.49
^AG02 FTSE All-Emerging Latin America INDEXFTSE 586.35
^AG03 FTSE All-Emerging Asia Pacific INDEXFTSE 457.38
^AG14 FTSE All-Emer LMS Index INDEXFTSE 731.45
^AG15 FTSE All-Emer Latin America LMS Idx INDEXFTSE 908.98
^AG16 FTSE All-Emer Asia Pacific LMS Idx INDEXFTSE 741.83
^AIM1 FTSE Aim 100 Index INDEXFTSE 4519.86
^AIM5 FTSE AIM UK 50 Index INDEXFTSE 4903.86
^ASEAN40 FTSE Asean 40 Index INDEXFTSE 10931.48
^ASX FTSE All-Share Index INDEXFTSE 4053.31
^ASXDIGEQ FTSE All Share Digital Services Equally Weighted Index INDEXFTSE 2559.04
^ASXX FTSE All-Share ex Investment Companies Index INDEXFTSE 3975.65
^ATGOV01 FTSE Austria Government Total Price Inde INDEXFTSE 115.17
^ATX Austrian Traded Index INDEXVIE 3032.81
^AW01 FTSE All World INDEXFTSE 348.11
^AW02 FTSE All World Ex US INDEXFTSE 285.33
^AW03 FTSE All World Ex UK INDEXFTSE 361.74
^AW04 FTSE All World Ex Japan INDEXFTSE 366.30
^AW05 FTSE All World Ex South Africa INDEXFTSE 346.64
^AW06 FTSE FTSE All World Asia Pacific INDEXFTSE 310.94
^AW07 FTSE All World Asia Pacific Ex Japan INDEXFTSE 530.11
^AW08 FTSE Asia Pacific ex Japan India Pakistan Index INDEXFTSE 508.50
^AW09 FTSE Asia Pacific ex Japan India Pakistan Australia and NZ INDEXFTSE 476.17
^AW10 FTSE All World Greater China INDEXFTSE 389.13
^AW11 FTSE All World Europe INDEXFTSE 245.04
^AW12 FTSE All World Europe Ex UK INDEXFTSE 263.24
^AW13 FTSE All World Europe Ex Eurobloc INDEXFTSE 266.68
^AW14 FTSE All World Eurobloc INDEXFTSE 220.90
^AWAMERS FTSE Americas Index INDEXFTSE 426.03
^AWDEURSG FTSE Developed Europe Index - GBP INDEXFTSE 291.33
^AWDPCXJG FTSE Developed Asia Pacific ex Japan Index - GBP INDEXFTSE 634.52
^AWNT04UK FTSE Developed Net Tax GBP Index INDEXFTSE 409.38
^AWNT05UK FTSE Developed Europe ex UK Net Tax GBP Index INDEXFTSE 316.79
^AWNT14UK FTSE North America Net TR INDEXFTSE 508.46
^AXX FTSE AIM All-Share Index INDEXFTSE 886.06
^BEGOV01 FTSE Belgium Government Bond Index INDEXFTSE 113.44
^BEL20 BEL 20 INDEXEURO 3730.24
Page 1240 of 1255 | Total results: 62715

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