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Ticker Name Stock Exchange Currency Price
^XIN41350 FTSE Xin600 Chemicals INDEXFTSE 5688.43
^XIN41730 FTSE China A 600 Forestry & Paper Index INDEXFTSE 1406.85
^XIN41750 FTSE Xin600 Industrial Metals INDEXFTSE 3675.78
^XIN41770 FTSE Xin600 Mining INDEXFTSE 9335.12
^XIN42000 FTSE Xin600 Industrials INDEXFTSE 5935.93
^XIN42350 FTSE Xin600 Construction & Materials INDEXFTSE 7430.03
^XIN42710 FTSE Xin600 Aerospace & Defense INDEXFTSE 15879.67
^XIN42720 FTSE Xin600 General Industrials INDEXFTSE 2928.67
^XIN42730 FTSE Xin600 Electronic&Electrical Equip. INDEXFTSE 8243.22
^XIN42750 FTSE Xin600 Industrial Engineering INDEXFTSE 8402.72
^XIN42770 FTSE Xin600 Industrial Transportation INDEXFTSE 5311.73
^XIN42790 FTSE Xin600 Support Services INDEXFTSE 1433.41
^XIN43000 FTSE Xin600 Consumer Goods INDEXFTSE 15085.01
^XIN43350 FTSE Xin600 Automobiles & Parts INDEXFTSE 12123.03
^XIN43530 FTSE Xin600 Beverages INDEXFTSE 99068.40
^XIN43570 FTSE Xin600 Food Producers INDEXFTSE 12095.36
^XIN43720 FTSE Xin600 Household Goods INDEXFTSE 17939.48
^XIN43740 FTSE Xin600 Leisure Goods INDEXFTSE 3046.57
^XIN43760 FTSE Xin600 Personal Goods INDEXFTSE 2175.79
^XIN44000 FTSE Xin600 Health Care INDEXFTSE 20490.72
^XIN44570 FTSE Xin600 Pharmaceuticals & Biotech. INDEXFTSE 19209.84
^XIN45000 FTSE Xin600 Consumer Services INDEXFTSE 7442.83
^XIN45330 FTSE Xin600 Food & Drug Retailers INDEXFTSE 8941.07
^XIN45370 FTSE Xin600 General Retailers INDEXFTSE 6773.41
^XIN45550 FTSE Xin600 Media INDEXFTSE 3512.39
^XIN45750 FTSE Xin600 Travel & Leisure INDEXFTSE 8735.47
^XIN46000 FTSE Xin600 Telecommunications INDEXFTSE 8521.80
^XIN46570 FTSE Xin600 Mobile Telecommunications INDEXFTSE 8219.31
^XIN47000 FTSE Xin600 Utilities INDEXFTSE 3458.36
^XIN47530 FTSE Xin600 Electricity INDEXFTSE 3127.22
^XIN47570 FTSE Xin600 Gas Water & Multiutilities INDEXFTSE 5418.46
^XIN48000 FTSE Xin600 Financials INDEXFTSE 14797.49
^XIN48350 FTSE Xin600 Banks INDEXFTSE 14828.08
^XIN48570 FTSE Xin600 Life Insurance INDEXFTSE 10251.00
^XIN48630 FTSE Xinhua A600 Index Real Estate Inves INDEXFTSE 12818.86
^XIN48770 FTSE Xin600 General Financial INDEXFTSE 12133.57
^XIN49000 FTSE Xin600 Technology INDEXFTSE 7484.63
^XIN49530 FTSE Xin600 Software & Computer Services INDEXFTSE 11577.56
^XIN49570 FTSE Xin600 Technology Hardware & Equip INDEXFTSE 6110.62
^XIN5 FTSE Xinhua A 400 Index INDEXFTSE 7719.75
^XIN6 FTSE Xinhua A Smallcap INDEXFTSE 9682.31
^XIN7 FTSE Xinhua A All-Share INDEXFTSE 8695.90
^XIN9 FTSE China A50 Index INDEXFTSE 13979.67
^XINBV FTSE/Xinhua Blueship Value 100 Idx INDEXFTSE 14458.61
^XINC FTSE Xinhua China Index INDEXFTSE 16977.11
^XINH FTSE/Xinhua H Share Index INDEXFTSE 35894.81
^XJO S&P/ASX 200 INDEXASX 6669.20
^XKO S&P/ASX 300 INDEXASX 6628.70
^XLD S&P/ASX 200 Leverage Daily [XLD] INDEXASX 1318.20
Page 1254 of 1255 | Total results: 62715

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