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Ticker Name Stock Exchange Currency Price
000656.SZ Jinke Property Group Co Ltd SZSE CNY 6.65
000657.SZ China Tungsten and Hightech Mtrls Co Ltd SZSE CNY 6.31
000659.SZ Zhuhai Zhongfu Enterprise Company Ltd SZSE CNY 2.74
000660.KS SK Hynix Inc KRX KRW 83200.00
000661.SZ Changchun High & New Tech Industry Inc SZSE CNY 471.92
000662.SZ Teamax Smart City Technology Corp Ltd SZSE CNY 5.30
000663.SZ Fujian Yongan Forestry (Grp) Joint-Stock SZSE CNY 4.49
000665.SZ Hubei Radio and Tlvsn Infrn Ntwrk Co Ltd SZSE CNY 4.85
000666.SZ Jingwei Textile Machinery Co. Ltd. SZSE CNY 10.42
000667.SZ Myhome Real Estate Development Gp Co Ltd SZSE CNY 2.73
000669.SZ Jinhong Holding Group Co Ltd SZSE CNY 4.16
000670.KS Youngpoong Corp KRX KRW 618000.00
000670.SZ Infotmic Co Ltd SZSE CNY 2.02
000671.SZ Yango Group Co Ltd SZSE CNY 6.63
000672.SZ Gansu Shangfeng Cement Co Ltd SZSE CNY 14.41
000673.SZ Lead Eastern Investment Co Ltd SZSE CNY 4.95
000676.SZ Genimous Technology Co Ltd SZSE CNY 9.37
000677.SZ CHTC Helon Co Ltd SZSE CNY 3.83
000678.SZ Xiangyang Automobile Bearing Company Ltd SZSE CNY 6.77
000679.SZ Dalian Friendship (Group) Co., Ltd. SZSE CNY 3.71
000680.KS LS Networks Corporation Limited KRX KRW 2550.00
000680.SZ Shantui Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. SZSE CNY 3.30
000681.SZ Visual China Group Co Ltd SZSE CNY 20.54
000682.SZ Dongfang Electronics Co Ltd SZSE CNY 4.61
000683.SZ Inner Mongolia Yuan Xing Energy Co Ltd SZSE CNY 2.24
000685.SZ Zhongshan Public Utilities Group Co Ltd SZSE CNY 7.87
000686.SZ Northeast Securities Co Ltd SZSE CNY 7.98
000687.SZ Huaxun Fangzhou Co Ltd SZSE CNY 7.55
000688.SZ Guocheng Mining Co Ltd SZSE CNY 10.73
000690.SZ Guangdong Baolihua New Energy Stock Co., SZSE CNY 5.70
000691.SZ Hainan Yatai Industrial Develpmnt Co Ltd SZSE CNY 3.71
000692.SZ Shenyang Huitian Thermal Power Co., Ltd. SZSE CNY 2.80
000695.SZ Tianjin Binhai Energy & Devel. Co., Ltd SZSE CNY 7.19
000697.SZ Ligeance Aerospace Technology Co Ltd SZSE CNY 11.40
000698.SZ Shenyang Chemical Industry Co Ltd SZSE CNY 3.21
0007.HK Hong Kong Finance Investment Hldg Grp Ld HKEX HKD 0.87
0007.KL PUC MYX MYR 0.05
000700.KS Eusu Holdings Co Ltd KRX KRW 7210.00
000700.SZ Jiangnan Mould & Plastic Tech Co Ltd SZSE CNY 3.70
000701.SZ Xiamen Xinde Co Ltd SZSE CNY 5.06
000702.SZ Hunan Zhenghong Science & Technology SZSE CNY 6.01
000703.SZ Hengyi Petrochemical Co Ltd SZSE CNY 13.85
000705.SZ Zhejiang Zhenyuan Co.,Ltd. SZSE CNY 6.25
000707.SZ Hubei Shuanghuan Science &Tech. Stock Co SZSE CNY 3.18
000708.SZ CITIC Pacific Special Steel Group Co Ltd SZSE CNY 20.36
000709.SZ Hesteel Co Ltd SZSE CNY 2.40
000710.SZ Berry Genomics Co Ltd SZSE CNY 34.30
000711.SZ Kingland Technology Co Ltd SZSE CNY 4.52
000712.SZ Guangdong Golden Dragon Development Inc SZSE CNY 13.72
Page 6 of 1292 | Total results: 64582

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