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Ticker Name Stock Exchange Currency Price
000713.SZ Hefei Fengle Seed Co.,Ltd SZSE CNY 7.74
000715.SZ Zhongxing Shenyang Comrcl Bldg Gp Co Ltd SZSE CNY 6.05
000716.SZ Nanfang Black Sesame Group Co Ltd SZSE CNY 3.03
000717.SZ SGIS Songshan Co., Ltd SZSE CNY 3.88
000718.SZ Suning Universal Co Ltd SZSE CNY 3.57
000719.SZ Central China Land Media Co Ltd SZSE CNY 6.78
000720.KS Hyundai Engineering & Construction Co. KRX KRW 43400.00
000720.SZ Shandong Xinneng Taishn Pwr Gnrtn Co Ltd SZSE CNY 5.44
000721.SZ Xi'an Catering Co., Ltd. SZSE CNY 3.76
000722.SZ Hunan Fazhan Industrial Co Ltd SZSE CNY 6.75
000723.SZ Shanxi Meijin Energy Co Ltd SZSE CNY 7.98
000725.KS Hyundai Engineering & Construction Co. Preference Shares KRX KRW 153000.00
000725.SZ BOE/Shs A Vtg 1.00 SZSE CNY 3.67
000726.SZ LTTC/Shs A Vtg 1.00 SZSE CNY 8.86
000727.SZ Nanjing Huadong Elect.Info & Tech Co Ltd SZSE CNY 2.06
000728.SZ Guoyuan Securities Company Limited SZSE CNY 8.24
000729.SZ Beijing Yanjing Brewery Co., Ltd. SZSE CNY 6.20
000731.SZ Sichuan Meifeng Chemical Ind. Co., Ltd. SZSE CNY 5.01
000732.SZ Tahoe Group Co Ltd SZSE CNY 5.55
000733.SZ China Zhenhua (Group) Science & Tech. SZSE CNY 15.42
000735.SZ Luoniushan Co Ltd SZSE CNY 9.26
000736.SZ CCCG Real Estate Corp Ltd SZSE CNY 6.56
000737.SZ Nafine Chemical Industry Group Co.,Ltd SZSE CNY 2.74
000738.SZ Aecc Aero Engine Control Co Ltd SZSE CNY 12.88
000739.SZ Apeloa Pharmaceutical Co Ltd SZSE CNY 12.61
000750.SZ Sealand Securities Co Ltd SZSE CNY 4.62
000751.SZ Huludao Zinc Industry Co., Ltd. SZSE CNY 3.01
000752.SZ Tibet Galaxy Science and Tech Dev Co Ltd SZSE CNY 3.72
000753.SZ Fujian Zhangzhou Development Co Ltd SZSE CNY 2.85
000755.SZ Shanxi Road & Bridge Co Ltd SZSE CNY 3.77
000756.SZ XINHUA PHARM/Shs A Vtg 1.00 SZSE CNY 7.07
000757.SZ Sichuan Haowu Electromechanical Co Ltd SZSE CNY 4.46
000758.SZ China Nonferrous Metal Ind. FE & Const. SZSE CNY 4.04
000759.SZ Zhongbai Holdings Group Co Ltd SZSE CNY 6.29
000760.KS Rifa Co Ltd KRX KRW 15350.00
000760.SZ Steyr Motors Co Ltd SZSE CNY 1.39
000761.SZ BSP/Shs A Vtg 1.00 SZSE CNY 3.50
000762.SZ Tibet Mineral Development Co., Ltd SZSE CNY 7.00
000766.SZ Tonghua Golden-Horse Pharmcl Indu Co Ltd SZSE CNY 7.16
000767.SZ Shanxi Zhangze Electric Power Co Ltd SZSE CNY 2.38
000768.SZ AVIC Aircraft Co Ltd SZSE CNY 15.48
000776.SZ GF SEC/Shs A Vtg 1.00 SZSE CNY 13.35
000777.SZ SUFA Technology Industry Co., Ltd., CNNC SZSE CNY 11.63
000778.SZ Xinxing Ductile Iron Pipes Co Ltd SZSE CNY 3.94
000779.SZ Gansu Engineering Consulting Grop Co Ltd SZSE CNY 10.08
000780.SZ Inner Mongolia PingZhng Ergy Rsrcs CoLtd SZSE CNY 3.06
000782.SZ Guangdong Xinhui Meida Nylon Co., Ltd. SZSE CNY 3.30
000783.SZ Changjiang Securities Company Limited SZSE CNY 6.36
000785.SZ Wuhan Zhongshang Commercial Group Co Ltd SZSE CNY 9.95
000786.SZ Beijing New Building Materials PLC SZSE CNY 21.80
Page 7 of 1292 | Total results: 64594

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