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We provide RESTful API endpoints which return market data in near real time or historical end of day data. These can be used to gain access to financial data for your own applications or projects.

We provide free access for you to use and test our API. Our API provides the easiest and most comprehensive access to any stock data. We think you will find great benefit in the ease of implementing stock data in any of your applications.

Yes, since Yahoo have ended their historical and real time data sources in recent years, we have made it our ambition to create and provide a service that developers can trust.

It is extremely simple - our endpoints return JSON (or CSV) data which can be requested and then used within your application. Each request requires an API token to authorize your request. You can get your own API token by signing up for free.

Our services are 100% free to use on our free plan - no payment details are required.

No - you only ever pay monthly or annually. Of course those on our free plan will pay nothing until they choose to upgrade. If you choose to upgrade to a better plan these fees will be prorated - the upgrade amount will calculate the amount you will owe based on what you have already paid in your billing period. Additional custom services may be subject to additional fees.

Yes, you can cancel or upgrade your subscription at any point after upgrading. This can be done from within your members area.

Yes, if you believe we are missing a stock from either our real time or historical endpoints please contact us and we will see what we can do!

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We recommend you check out our stock search page to see our supported stocks and exchanges.

We recommend you check out our forex pairs page to see our supported forex pairs.

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