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Ticker Name Stock Exchange Currency Price
000065.SZ Norinco International Co Ltd. SZSE CNY 8.11
000066.SZ China Greatwall Technology Group Co Ltd SZSE CNY 14.49
000068.SZ Shenzhen Huakong Seg Co Ltd SZSE CNY 4.03
000069.SZ Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town Co., Ltd SZSE CNY 6.98
000070.KS Samyang Holdings Corp KRX KRW 64900.00
000070.SZ Shenzhen SDG Information Co., Ltd. SZSE CNY 10.63
000075.KS Samyang Holdings Corp Preference Shares KRX KRW 43150.00
000078.SZ Shenzhen Neptunus Bioengineering Co. Ltd SZSE CNY 3.26
000080.KS HiteJinro Co Ltd KRX KRW 29400.00
000087.KS HiteJinro Co Ltd Preference Shares KRX KRW 17850.00
000088.SZ Shenzhen Yan Tian Port Holdings Co. Ltd. SZSE CNY 5.39
000089.SZ Shenzhen Airport Company Limited SZSE CNY 9.50
000090.SZ Shenzhen Tonge (Group) Co., Ltd. SZSE CNY 5.09
000096.SZ Shenzhen Guangju Energy Co., Ltd. SZSE CNY 9.77
000099.SZ CITIC Offshore Helicopter Co., Ltd SZSE CNY 7.26
0001.HK CK Hutchison Holdings Ltd HKEX HKD 73.80
000100.SZ TCL Corporation SZSE CNY 3.51
000105.KS Yuhan Corp Preference Shares KRX KRW 206000.00
000120.KS CJ Logistics Corp KRX KRW 159500.00
000140.KS Hitejinro Holdings Co Ltd KRX KRW 14500.00
000150.SZ Yihua Healthcare Co Ltd SZSE CNY 5.42
000151.SZ China National Complete Import & Export SZSE CNY 9.66
000153.SZ Anhui Fengyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. SZSE CNY 6.52
000155.SZ Sichuan New Energy Power Co Ltd SZSE CNY 3.74
000156.SZ Wasu Media Holding Co Ltd SZSE CNY 8.35
000157.KS DOOSAN/ Pref KRX KRW 68100.00
000157.SZ Zoomlion Heavy Industry Sci & Tch Co Ltd SZSE CNY 5.88
000158.SZ Shijiazhuang ChangShan BeMng Tech Co Ltd SZSE CNY 6.20
000159.SZ Xinjiang International Industry Co., Ltd SZSE CNY 5.64
000166.SZ Shenwan Hongyuan Group Co Ltd SZSE CNY 4.76
0002.HK CLP Holdings Limited HKEX HKD 81.70
0002.KL KOTRA MYX MYR 2.06
000210.KS Daelim Industrial Co Ltd KRX KRW 93200.00
000215.KS Daelim Industrial Co Ltd Preference Shares KRX KRW 39600.00
000225.KS YUYU PHARMA-1P PRF KRX KRW 7430.00
000270.KS Kia Motors Corporation KRX KRW 43700.00
0003.HK The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Ltd. HKEX HKD 15.24
000300.KS Dayou Plus Co Ltd KRX KRW 775.00
000301.SZ Jiangsu Eastern Shenghong Co Ltd SZSE CNY 4.99
000325.KS Noroo Holdings Co Ltd Preference Shares KRX KRW 18000.00
000333.SZ Midea Group Co Ltd SZSE CNY 56.09
000338.SZ WEICHAI PWR/Shs A Vtg 1.00 SZSE CNY 12.71
000370.KS Hanwha General Insurance Co Ltd KRX KRW 2960.00
0004.HK Wharf Holdings Ltd HKEX HKD 19.10
000400.SZ Xuji Electric Co Ltd SZSE CNY 9.61
000401.SZ Tangshan Jidong Cement Co., Ltd. SZSE CNY 14.05
000402.SZ Financial Street Holding Co., Ltd. SZSE CNY 7.62
000403.SZ Zhenxing Biopharmaceutical&Chemcl Co Ltd SZSE CNY 32.10
Page 2 of 1292 | Total results: 64582

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