Best Yahoo Stock Data API Alternative

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Yahoo ended its real time and historical stock data access through the Yahoo Developers Console in 2017. Ever since, we have been searching the web for alternatives to this service, but have struggled to find a service that is fast, dynamic and reliable.

Since we could not find a service good enough for our applications - we decided it was in our interests to create our own. This is why we have created Through our APIs, developers can retrieve near real time stock data as well as FULL historical data.

Unlike other Yahoo alternatives, provides an API endpoint which allows developers to retrieve real time data for up to 250 stocks per request in exceptional timing. The data we provide comes with everything you would need - for example, stock names, daily high and low, currency, volume, etc. You can view the full specification in our documentation.

Our historical API is more dynamic than any others we have examined. The endpoint allows developers to restrict the data they return by providing to and from parameters to the endpoint. Of course if developers wish to return the entire data set they can omit these parameters. The data can also be returned by newest or oldest data first.

To use our API endpoints, you may sign up for free. Every free account is provided with a number of daily requests using their API key. Our historical data is fully accessible with our free accounts, and our real time endpoints are limited by the number of stocks per request.

We hope you enjoy using our API and develop some great apps. If you have any questions concerning our services, please documentation. We are committed to supporting our users. Also, we are committed to keeping our stock database up to date - so if you believe we are missing a stock ticker please contact us to let us know!